Center for Social Inclusion Publishes Reports on Racial Equity in the Food System

Two new reports from the Center for Social Inclusion, Building the Case for Racial Equity in the Food System and Shining a Light in Dark Places: Raising Up the Work of Southern Women of Color in the Food System, discuss how injustices in our broken food system disproportionately impact people of color. Using a critical race lens, CSI identifies housing and school policies, land policies and institutional discrimination, Farm Bill policies and vertical integration in the food industry, and Social Security and wage policies as issues that, deliberately or not, impact low-income people of color and generational poverty. The first report proposes solutions such as surfacing opportunities to craft broad, intersectional policy solutions and forging partnerships across urban and rural communities to create a more racially equitable food system. The second report describes the realities of current and past food systems from the perspectives of Southern women of color.

Read the reports here.

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