Hunger and Health

Hunger is a health care issue. With an estimated 130 billion dollars in annual health care costs associated with hunger, addressing food insecurity and poor nutrition is a necessary step for the health of our communities. The Come to the Table video by Promedica, a locally owned, nonprofit healthcare organization serving northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan, makes the connection clearly. A recent article, “Access to Good Food as Preventive Medicine,” discusses recent findings that one in three chronic disease sufferers can’t afford health, medicine, or both and what medical professionals are doing to help. The head researcher of that study sits on the Board of the San Francisco and Marin County Food Bank. Depression associated with food insecurity costs 29.2 billion annually. Community Food Centres Canada recently hosted a webinar on Diet, Mental Health, and the Role of Community Food Programs which discussed research on the topic of diet, mental health, and its intersection with poverty as well as innovative programs to address these issues. A recording of the webinar will soon be available on The Pod Knowledge Exchange.

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