SEEDING Dallas II: More Good Food for the City

SEEDING Dallas II, a sequel to the first SEEDING Dallas forum organized by the Urban Agriculture Action Team of the Dallas Coalition for Hunger Solutions, ramped up the momentum for urban gardening in Dallas! Once again, current and emerging growers came together to network with each other and hear from garden experts. Veteran gardeners and farmers shared with over 40 attendees what they’ve learned growing food, managing gardens and selling at markets in North Texas. Three Learning Tracks covered a wide range of gardening skills and interests.

Growing a Garden included siting the garden and building soil, seasonal planting, container vegetables and composting. The following are two of the presentations:


Community Garden Management featured experienced community organizers who stressed the importance of engaging the community first for a sustainable community garden project. Successful community garden managers shared tips for funding and developing community garden leadership and volunteers. The following are two of the presentations:


The Market Garden track educated growers on what kinds of things to consider in preparing to sell at farmer’s markets, including safe harvesting and handling practices. Check out Harvesting and Selling: A Guide for New, Small Urban Producers for more information.

Stay tuned for more opportunities from the Urban Agriculture Action Team to learn and develop sustainable local food production in and around Dallas!

This piece was written and contributed to the blog by Wyonella Henderson-Greene, Coalition Coordinator