She won’t be happy until she’s fed the world!

Kyra Effren is a north Texas transplant who grew up in England and South Africa. She is an accomplished classical pianist, a fan of BBC television mysteries, a chef who trained at the famed Cordon Bleu cooking school in London and a proud octogenarian.

Kyra was fortunate to grow up in a home where weekly meals were influenced by Welsh, Russian, Irish, German and Italian family members and caregivers. They introduced her to an array of culinary tastes that likely ignited her passion for food early. As an adult living in California, she taught cooking classes to friends as a fundraiser for her synagogue and her true calling was born!

Years later, Kyra would find herself living in London and attending the Cordon Bleu. Eventually, she would go on to open her own cooking school in Dallas, receive an award for her contributions to French cooking, serve 10 years as a food stylist and contributing writer to the Food Section of the Dallas Morning News and edit four cookbooks.

She is a long-time volunteer for the Jewish Family Service and the National Council of Jewish Women, Greater Dallas Section, among other worthy causes. As a collaborator with the Senior Hunger Action Team of the Dallas Coalition for Hunger Solutions, Kyra helped write the curriculum for the innovative outreach project, Eating Well is a SNAP! This program teaches seniors how to eat healthily and deliciously on a limited income. She is the lead trainer and an active member of the volunteer Speaker’s Bureau that presents this program all over Dallas County.

Kyra’s daughter likes to say that her mother won’t be happy until she’s fed the world! Her mom’s been on this mission for decades and, luckily, shows no signs of ending her pursuit anytime soon.

This piece was written and contributed to the blog by Wyonella Henderson-Greene, Coalition Coordinator of the Dallas Coalition for Hunger Solutions