The Intersection of Senior Health and Food Insecurity

Representatives of Parkland Health and Hospital System’s Geriatrics Program spoke to the Coalition’s Senior Hunger Action Team at its recent meeting. Geriatrics Program Director Jane Hunley and Kara Davis, Geriatrics Clinic and Senior Services Clinical Dietitian, highlighted food insecurity and older adult nutrition. Among the concerns presented:

-2 million older adults in 2012 were among the 14.6% of food insecure households in America and the older population is growing

-there is a connection between food insecurity and health; 1 in 3 North Texas Food Bank clients is affected with diabetes

-2/3 of North Texas Food Bank households report having to choose between food and paying for medical care

Other Information included community resources and how Parkland is connecting senior patients to these programs and initiatives, as well as innovations that it’s using to deliver more individualized patient care.

For the complete presentation, click here: Hunger and Food Insecurity-Older Adults 5.2.18

~Wyonella Henderson-Greene, Coalition Coordinator