Urban gardeners come together to partner and learn!

The Urban Agriculture Action Team and GROW North Texas held a free urban gardening workshop at the end of June. Anyone interested in starting an urban garden or already cultivating a garden project, but still had questions, was invited to attend.

Over 40 participants networked and partnered with other urban gardeners at Owenwood Farm and Neighbor Space during a hands-on, in-garden experience. Eager to dig in the dirt, they arrived for an early start and by the end of the morning had built 6 raised beds from the ground up for a teaching garden at Owenwood.

In the process, they learned about maximizing soil for growing success, planting with transplants, mulching options and brewing compost tea. When all was said and done, attendees had acquired skills to boost their chances of future gardening success and received free seeds, too!

A free follow-up workshop that will prepare novices for a fall garden at your home or community garden will be held on August 25th at Owenwood Farm. The workshop is aimed at those just getting started, but anyone is welcome to come and brush up on knowledge!

Please register so that we know you’re coming! https://grownorthtexas.org/event-3026021

~Wyonella Henderson-Greene, Coalition Coordinator

Owenwood box build 1

Owenwood boxes